Saturday, September 22, 2012

Gangnam Style Drum Cover by Matt Harwood-Jones

Just for fun :)
Nice moves at 1:08 :P

Keep drumming \m/

Monday, September 3, 2012

Mapex presents limited edition Obsidian drum set

The Mapex Drum Company has unveiled the second Meridian Black Limited Edition drum kit called Obsidian. 

The Meridian Black Obsidian, a three-piece kit, is the second in a series of Player Designed limited edition sets, specific in configuration and look.

These specially designed drum kits will be available exclusively through authorized Mapex dealers worldwide. Once they are sold out, they will not be reproduced.

The rich Birch/Maple hybrid shells crank out low and dark tones with a balanced attack. The inside of the shells feature a new black finish that enhances resonance and projection.

The 24"x14" bass drum, featuring a 4.8mm Birch exterior/2.4mm Maple interior shell, delivers immediate massive low end that compliments the full attack of the toms.

The kit boasts one 12"x08" rack tom, and a 16"x16" floor tom, so the player can bring in their ride cymbal close for a comfortable performance.

A 14"x 07" snare is also available as an add-on for players needing the true rock essentials.

Toms and snare drum feature 4.1mm Birch exterior/1.7mm Maple interior shells.

The shells come wrapped in a deep volcanic glass sparkle, are fitted with chrome hardware, and are topped with Remo coated single ply UX drumheads.

Simply beautiful ;)

Yamaha presents new DTX400 series

Yamaha Music Europe has announced the all-new DTX400 series. The three models in this new range, built with the beginner in mind, include the DTX400K with its silent bass drum pedal design, the DTX430K introducing a real bass drum pedal and pad, and the DTX450K which also includes a three-zone snare pad.

Yamaha says its new series brings the feature-packed DTX drumming experience to entry level audiences at a breakthrough price for a Yamaha electronic kit.

The design concept of Yamaha's new DTX400 series was to create an electronic drum system that retained Yamaha's DTX technology and features at its heart, is now available to beginners starting at less than $500.

In addition to a full feature set including natural response drum pads and advanced sound technology (as found in the Pro DTX models and Yamaha's MOTIF synths), the new DTX400K boasts a wide range of onboard learning options and training exercises. A USB connection enables the player to control VSTi drum sound libraries and record directly to computer software. It's also possible to import new songs via Yamaha's Music Soft Downloader. New apps will also be launched in 2013, designed to work alongside the DTX400 series to present an exciting interactive learning experience. The sounds within the new DTX400 module include stereo recordings of real drums, cymbals, and percussion instruments that respond to playing dynamics. There are classic sounds from the history of drumming, including some of Yamaha's own acoustic drums. You can also create your own 'bespoke' drum kits from the library of over 165 drums sounds, including 23 snare drums, 21 kick drums and 42 other percussion instruments. DTX400K will be released in September 2012, with the DTX430K and DTX450K due to arrive at the beginning of 2013.
Nice choice for beginners ;)