Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Rae Amitay is Mares of Thrace's new drummer

Calgar's heavy duo Mares of Thrace, fronted by baritone guitarist/vocalist Thérèse Lanz, has announced a new drummer.

Due to getting into the educational program of her dreams and its subsequent conflicts with touring, original drummer Stefani MacKichan has decided to step down.

Mares of Thrace's new drummer is Rae Amitay, a former student of Berklee School of Music. She spends her time playing drums for various projects, singing, and writing about metal. Says Rae:

"I am ridiculously happy to announce that I'm the new drummer for Mares of Thrace. Thank you, Thérèse Lanz for buying me my first deck of Magic cards and welcoming me into the band. Stefani MacKichan, you're an amazing drummer and overall badass. Best of luck with absolutely everything."

Watch a video of Rae playing a metal drumming medley:

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