Friday, October 12, 2012

Krampus drummer Carlo Andrian hit by lightning

Drummer Carlo Andrian of Italian folk metallers Krampus, was struck by lightning and will not be able to play the drums anytime soon.

That's why the drummer and band have decided to part ways effective immediately. The band states:

"[Carlos] has, in fact, been struck by lightning and considers himself lucky to not have gotten hurt worse. He is OK, but will not be able to play the drums for some time to come. Carlo is a great friend of us and we would like to thank him for the great effort and dedication he has had for the band. We wish him good and full recovery and all the best for his future endeavours."

Krampus are already working on a replacement, and expect to announce their new drummer within the near future.

Krampus released the album 'Survival Of The Fittest' in August. On October 19th the band will perform on the Heidenfest festival with Wintersun, Korpiklaani, and others.

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