Friday, December 28, 2012

Dirk Verbeuren talks about new Soilwork album

Soilwork drummer Dirk Verbeuren has given an exclusive interview to, mostly talking about the band's upcoming double album 'The Living Infinite', but also his thoughts on social media and his favorite drum fills, among other topics.

The drummer says he is stoked about the recording session for 'The Living Infinite' at Fascination Street Studio in Varberg, Sweden. Looking back at the process, Dirk says he worked pretty hard for about eight days in a row:
"Well, nine days technically. I started on the evening of the first day and ended on the afternoon of the last day. I think I got everything done and so far no one has told me that I have to come back in! [laughs]"

Speaking about 'The Living Infinite', Soilwork's first double album, Dirk says:
"It's definitely a bit intimidating when you think about it just because recording a regular album can be pressure and there usually ends up being some pressure in the studio to get everything done. So the idea [starts laughing] of making it harder for ourselves was kind of interesting at first. But I guess we all had time to kind of, you know, get used to that idea and prepare for it. It was still kind of a germ until we realized that we did have a ton of material."
Dirk has recorded about 24 dvds worth of drum footage. He is planning to sit down in the next few weeks and edit something together so he can give fans a taste of the drums for Soilwork's next release.

For the complete interview, including Dirk's thoughts on social media and his favorite drum fill that he has recorded, please visit

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